An Algebraical Superposition Technic for Transformation From Z Domain to Time Domain

Ben-Qing Gao
Journal article World Journal of Research and Review • May 2018

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(English, 4 pages)


An algebraical superposition technic for trasformation from z domain to time domain is presented. The establishing model process is: starting the inverse z transforms integral formula, and in its region of convergence based on thelsquocomplex function integralrsquothe inverse z transform integral is represented by 2k-1 term series. When the transform function on iterm series along integral circle are conjugated complex number distribution,the bidirectional series sum on k[-K,K] term series can be expressed by a monomial trigonomial function series sum on k[0,K],in which the members are easy calculation and sum. In the paper the solution process and main points are presented.nbsp The application examples are shown,the resules are supported to the algebraical superposition technic.The technic can be used to solve the problem which are difficult to be solved by presented method#65288such as Partial Fraction Exparation method,etc#65289.




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