Plasmonics Technology - A Review

Vandana Sharma • Shrishti Sharma • Roshan Jain
Journal article World Journal of Research and Review • December 2015

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(English, 3 pages)


Semiconductor devices, circuits and components are dependent upon miniaturization for transporting huge amounts of data at a high speed. However, the integration of modern electronic devices for information processing and sensing is rapidly approaching its fundamental speed and bandwidth limitations, which is an increasingly serious problems. One of the most promising solutions is believed to be in replacing electronic signals (as information carriers) by light. So a new emerging technology called lsquoplasmonics.rsquo developed. Due to its frequency being approximately equal to that of light and ability to interface with similar-size electronic components, plasmonics can act as a bridge between photonics and electronics for communication. It exploits the unique optical properties of metallic nanostructures to enable routing and manipulation of light at the nano scale. A tremendous synergy can be attained by integrating plasmonic, electronic, and conventional dielectric photonic devices on the same chip and taking advantage of the strengths of each technology.




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