Role of Jinnah in Partition of India- Pakistan

Kavita Sharma
Journal article International Journal of New Technology and Research • August 2018 India • Pakistan

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India was under control of British for about 200 years. It finally got freedom on 15th August, 1947. Many people, nationalist have sacrificed their lives for the freedom of the country. One such prominent nationalist who fought for the freedom of India was Mohammad Ali Jinnah. It is said that Pakistan is created because of dispute between Jinnah and Nehru. It is often said that Jinnah played prominent role in the partition of India- Pakistan. In the research the researcher has tried to trace out that whether Jinnah was the sole reason of partition or not. India faced lots of problem but this was drastic decision taken by our leaders. It is difficult to say that we should be happy that we got Independence or we should be sad that we got divided with our brothers on this vary day with creation of Pakistan.nbsp Jinnah was a leader of Muslim League. From very starting he did not wished that Pakistan should be created. It was only due to some circumstances that led him take this decision. We will be dealing with such causes that made Jinnah changed his ideology and made him demand for separate state i.e. Pakistan. It is always said that person never claps with one hand. So it will be interesting to see that whether demand of partition by Jinnah was for his sole profit motive i.e. for acquiring political power or something else was there behind his demand. Therefore, researcher will be carefully dealing with events which involves Jinnah and which played important role in partition of India- Pakistan.




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