Modelling The Behaviour Of Household€™s Investment

M. Syafi’Ie Idrus • Wahjoedi Wahjoedi • Widayat Wibowo
Journal article Economic Journal of Emerging Markets • 2011

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(English, 13 pages)


Household investment has become more important in modern economies. This research builds a behavioural model of investment using a quantitative approach. It tests the effect of socioeconomic condition, financial literacy, and attitudes toward intention and investment decision. The data are collected from 400 heads of household through a structured interview. A sample is selected by a multistage technique. It applies a Structural Equation Modelling to answer the research problem. This paper is successful in constructing a good structural and measurement model to explain the behaviour of the dependent variables in the model. Keyword: Behavioural model of investment, investment, quantitative, householdJEL classification numbers: D1, D14




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