Proximate Analysis of Seed Extracts and Methanol Content of Juice of Some Grape Varieties in Turkey

Ozcan Baris Citil • Yener Tekeli • Aydin Akin • Fatih Sevgi • Tuba Tekeli

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The present study describes the determination and comparison of antibacterial activity, total phenolic content in seeds of seven popular grape cultivars and methanol content of grape juice grown in Turkey. It's called Muskule, Gokuzum, Razaki, Akuzum, Eksi kara, Siyah pekmezlik and Buzgulu in Turkey. The antibacterial activity was evaluated by the microdilution method and the minimum inhibition concentrations of extracts from determined. The phenolic content was determined using spectrophotometer. Pollution from methyl alcohol, which is extremely harmful for human health was determined using GC. The minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) values of grape extracts with antibacterial activity ranged from 0,312 to 5 µg/ml. The total phenolic content of grape seed of Ekşi kara was found to be about one-half times as mg GAE/g compare to Büzgülü. The highest methyl alcohol ratios are found in Ekşi kara among juice of grape varieties (12.01 g/µl).




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