Monitoring System of the Parameters of Operation of internal Combustion Engines in Thermoelectric Plants for Fault Detection.

Paulo Francisco Da Silva Ribeiro • Manoel Henrique Reis Nascimento • Jorge De Almeida Brito Junior • Jandecy Cabral Leite • Carlos Alberto Oliveira De Freitas

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(English, 7 pages)


In this work, it shows the specification of a system for monitoring operating parameters of generators, for diagnostic and fault detection on power generation of thermal power plants (TPP). The objective of this system is to collect real-time information of the engine operating cycle dual-fuel, while working with diesel and natural gas, in order to organize a database with the pressure information from the combustion temperature and cooling water pressure. The use of local or remote monitoring is performed by sensors to detect variations or sudden changes in the generator mode. Through this real-time monitoring can be identified early failures, adapt to changes or repairs parts preserving the integrity of the machines.




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