PDCA Method for Environmental Management of Pollutants Generated in a Battery Industry in an Amazonian City

Valeria Arenhardt • Flávio De São Pedro Filho • Luciana Rezende Alves De Oliveira • Leonardo Severo Da Luz Neto • Eduardo Egídio Vicensi Deliza

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(English, 13 pages)


The automotive battery industry is a fixed emission source of high pollution potential arising from secondary lead smelting processes pollutants. The management, the quality control standards of air, air pollutant emission limits as well as the allocation and disposal of waste and effluents are provided by legal norms. The objective is to identify management practices and management of atmospheric emissions and the allocation and disposal of waste and effluents in a battery industry that manufactures and reuses materials from reverse logistics to propose a management model based on PDCA- Plan, Do, Check and Act. The specific objectives are:(1)Identify the management and environmental management practices in the industry and relates them with economic development and innovation in industrial processes; (2)Check the procedures adopted for the reverse logistics management and allocation and disposal of wastes, effluents and emissions to mitigate the generation of pollutants; (3)propose management actions and environmental management, according to the PDCA method. It is a descriptive exploratory survey of bibliographical studies and field research with observations of practices in the industry and using the interview questionnaire, to present qualitative and quantitative data. The sample was randomly chosen to focus an industry that generates wastes, effluents and emissions of high polluting potential. Employing the task isintended to answer the question: An environmental management plan based on the PDCA method is able to systematize sustainable actions in an industry that generates highly toxic pollutants? The result is of interest to managers of enterprises that manufacture and reuse of waste battery. This study is important considering thelocus of research, the Amazonian City, which deserves special attention.




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