Management of Technology Focused on the Water Analysis Results in Artesians Wells

Thaís Cristina Medeiros Eggers • Flávio De São Pedro Filho • Fabrício Moraes De Almeida • Italocamilo Da Silva Nogueira • Valéria Arenhardt 2 more

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The water is an universal soluble, fundamental to every living being. The main component to the human body and indispensable for any form of life, however, there is an increasing preocupation within the quality of their providers, which are the rivers, strands and springs, but as the time passes by are threatened by anthropogenic activities, main causer of the contamination and destruction of the local fauna and habitat. The principal objetictive of this research was to generate necessary information to further make use of this water, specifically located in Porto Velho, Rondônia, in Jamari's River's hidrographic basin sided with Green River's, one affluent and one subfluent of Madeira's River, which is one of the most important hidrographic basins of Amazon's River, yet, lots of physical, chemicals and microbiological parameters were effected, like pH, turbidity, overall alkalinity, overall toughness, iron, chloride, color, fecal coliforms, that are capable of identify the contamination by anthropic action, obtaining the characteristics of the containing waters in the studied area, which in turn had favorable results, following the collected results we could confirm that all them were under acceptable and expectable parameters required by legislation in force of bathing, aquatic community preservation and human consumption, being the last one dependable of a simple threatment (chlorination).




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