The use of BMI and Abdominal Circumference in the Diagnosis of Obesity in Schools: a Systematic Review

Rafael Ayres Romanholo • Helizandra Simoneti Bianchini Romanholo • Jonato Prestes • Fabrício Moraes De Almeida

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(English, 9 pages)


To verify body composition or body weight distribution in a more traditional way, isolated body weight or height adjusted weight has been used. In the last 5 years, evaluations have been used to verify the distribution of this fat, where these measures are more preventive to health.The objective of the study was to analyze the studies that indicate the use of BMI and waist circumference as a tool to diagnose obesity. The current study is a systematic review, where it followed the criteria of a systematized review and meta-analysis proposed by the PRISMA protocol. The criteria adopted for the selection of articles were the use of the following variables for obesity: BMI, Circumference of abdomen, relation of C.A with stature and C.A and body weight. After consulting the databases selected to search for articles, 1,846 articles were identified on the topic of interest with the descriptors (obesity in schoolchildren). 410 articles were found on the Scielo platform, 150 articles were found on the Bireme platform. In the Pubmed platform 1,236 articles and finally in the Scopus platform a total of 50 articles. After the exclusion, 16 articles were used for the analysis. The majority of the studies in the area of collective health are concluded, but only the BMI isolated for the diagnosis are indicated as evaluation measures. More recent studies indicate an evolution in the way of evaluating. As can be seen in the sixteen articles analyzed.




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