Technology Management with Focus on Fish Transposition System (FTS)

Alisson Batista Da Silva • Sidney Lazaro Martins • Silvia Helena Menezes Pires • Flávio De São Pedro Filho • Filipe Antoniofaianoluquez 1 more


Fish transposition mechanisms have been installed near hydroelectric busses in order to reconnect sections of sectioned rivers and attract fish, offering them a route for the continuity of their displacement, essential for their feeding and reproduction. In this work, a bibliographical study is developed searching for information on a model of Transportation Systems for Fishes (FTS), implemented by a hydroelectric plant located in the Madeira river on the municipality of Porto Velho - RO.It was shown that the type of STP constructed was one of successive fish ladders or basins, and its operational functioning is through monitorization of the tagged fish that pass by the channel through Telemetry and Sonar methodologies. The objectives of the Monitoring Subprogram of the Fish Transposition System (FTS) are being met according to the analyzes and technical suggestions transcribed in the EIA / RIMA, PBA and IBAMA conditioners. The monitoring results show that up to the end of 2014, some individuals of target species within the FTS and upstream of the dam, such as the Bagre Dourada species (Brachyplatystomarousseauxii), were not detected suggesting that these tagged individuals were unable to climb into the system of transposition and to transpose the bus, having Madeira river as a migratory route for these species.




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