ARANEOMORPHAE: Development of an application for the identification of the taxonomic key of arachnid families in Brazil

Magno Oliveira • Aurelio Miguel Silva • Wolney Jácomo De Sousa • Conceição Aparecida Previeiro • Edeilson Milhomem Silva 2 more
Journal article International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science • September 2018 Brazil

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(English, 5 pages)


This study aimed to evaluate an application to support decision making in the identification process of taxonomic arachnids of families in Brazil. The device was developed by Ionic framework used to develop hybrid applications and with the help of Java Script programming language and the angular JS framework. With convenience, speed, easy handling and low cost maintenance, the digital system called for their Araneomorphae authors is an App (Application) and this digital system, professionals and lay people will perform clearly and dynamic identification and classification of specimens arachnids, reducing the time to research and understanding of their taxonomy. To review the application, a taxonomic key was used containing the figure of six Brazilian arachnids for identifying a period of 30 minutes. Were invited 200 students from five undergraduate classes in Biological Sciences from the Lutheran University Center Palmas - CEULP / ULBRA, Tocantins state for the key printed taxonomic, the vast majority of students (81%) took more than 30 minutes to identify the six species, whereas with application USAge, 91.3% of identified species of arachnids in less than five minutes. The application proved practical, easy to understand and use, and can assist in supporting decision making to identify and rank the most common early specimens of arachnids.




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