Intelligent Healthcare Monitoring in IoT

Kaviya P. • Antony Seba P.

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(English, 5 pages)


The developing of IoT-based health care systems must ensure and increase the safety of the patients, their quality of life and other health care activities. We may not be aware of the health condition of the patient during the sleeping hours. To overcome this problem. This paper proposes an intelligent healthcare monitoring system which monitors and maintains the patient health condition at regular intervals. The heart rate sensor and temperature sensor would help us analyze the patients' current health condition. In case of major fluctuations in consecutive intervals a buzzer is run in order to notify the hospital staff and doctors. The monitored details are stored in the cloud "ThingSpeak". The doctor can view the patient health condition using Virtuino simulator. This system would help in reducing the random risks of tracing a patient medical highly. Arduino UNO is used to implement this intelligent healthcare monitoring system.




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