Design of charging station for electric vehicle batteries

Kusum Kusum • Chetan Parveer

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(English, 14 pages)


With the increasing requirement in green technologies in transportation, electric vehicles have proven to be the best short-term solution to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The conventional vehicle drivers are still unwilling in using such a new technology, mainly because of the time duration (4-8 hours) required to charge the electric vehicle batteries with the currently existing Level I and II charging station. For this reason, Level III fast- charging stations capable of reducing the charging duration to 10-15 minutes are being designed and developed. The present thesis focuses on the design of a fast-charging station for electric vehicle, in addition to the electrical grid, two stationary energy storage devices flywheel energy storage and a super capacitor is being used. Power electronic converters used for the interface of the energy sources with the charging stations are designed. The design development also focuses on the energy management that will minimize the battery charging time. For this reason, an algorithm that minimizes durations with its mathematical formulation is required, and its application in fast charging will be illustrated.




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