Analysis of Emotional Intelligence as a Competition for Effective Productivity

Gabriela Barrón Salas • María Eugenia Ciofalo Lagos • Manuel González Perez

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Background. Emotional intelligence is an essential competence that must be evaluated within a personnel selection process. The level of IE influences the results of a company favorably. In this research, the dependence that exists between the effective productivity of the workers in specific of the commercial area and the emotional intelligence was analyzed. Methodology. The studied population was 88 active workers in the area as mentioned earlier; 40% were male and 60% female. Those evaluated were aged 25 to 40 years, with experience in the average sales area of 3 years. To validate the questions that were handled as an instrument, the Pearson correlation was used; Chi-square to calculate the dependence of variables. Results and discussion. As a result, we obtained ten dependent variables with which we can conclude that there is a relationship between the level of emotional intelligence with the effective productivity that collaborates with the commercial area within an organization. Conclusion. Based on the results we conclude that people with a high level of Emotional Self-understanding (AE) can control their emotions to act correctly in each situation.




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