Consumers Buying Behaviors’ Loans and Credits: A Situationer

Jennilyn C. Mina • Romeo B. Campos Jr

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(English, 5 pages)


This study aimed to describe the situation of the consumers buying behaviors loans' and credits with the use of descriptive research design. The researchers found out that micro–financing business or lending institutions and private individuals are credit service providers of the respondents. The types of loan and credit they avail are investment loan or business loan which is worth more than Php 100,000 and consumer credit amounting to less than Php 20,000. Loans can provide their needs, they do not have stable source of income, their salary are not enough, they want to buy gadgets, apparels and vehicles are the main reasons why the respondents avail loans and credits. On the other hand, long process of approval, time to repayment of maturity date and high interest rate are problems encountered by the respondents in availing credit services. Complex–buying and habitual–buying are the consumer behaviors manifested by the respondents.




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