Seaweed Cultivation Techniques Gracillariaverrucosa in Pond Ujungpangkah District, Gresik East Java using Broadcast Method

Andi Rahmad Rahim

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Seaweed is one of the sea cultivation commodities that are easy to be cultivated and have a good market prospect in improving coastal community empowerment. Moreover, the technology used to cultivate seaweed is also simple and inexpensive so it is suitable and easily adapted by coastal communities.Type of seaweed that has been cultivated in brackish water isGracilaria sp.One of the methods used for seaweed cultivation Gracilaria verrucosa is the broadcast method or spread.This method provides an increase in the growth length from 5 cm to 5.8 cm for 42 days and the weight of Gracilaria verrucosa seaweed from 10 grams to 14.1 gr for 42 days. This growth was influenced by ambient temperature including temperature 28-33 º C, salinity 5-17 ppt and degree of acidity (pH) 5-8.




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