The Consumer Protection toward Characters Done by Seller in the Market

Oktavia Purnamasari Sigalingging
Journal article International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences • September 2018 Indonesia


Consumer crime is a crime that is often committed by a person or business entity intentionally or unintentionally where in theof generating greater profits, this action is contrary to criminal law so that it is threatened with criminal penalties. Consumers as the last user of an item or service feel very disadvantaged by fraudulent acts committed by the business actor (seller). Consumers are obliged to be careful and careful when buying an item or service and if consumers see any fraud committed by the business actor, consumers should make a complaint to the party determined by the government. To protect the interests of consumers in daily life of Indonesia, Law No. 8 of 1999 concerning Consumer Protection. This regulation is expected to improve the dignity of consumers, which will increase awareness, knowledge, concern, ability and develop the attitude of responsible business people. Consumers must know their rights and obligations contained in Law No. 8 of 1999. In this study, the type of research used is descriptive. Descriptive research is describing based on existing data or as clearly and in detail about consumer protection against fraud committed by sellers in the market. The problem approach used in this study is a normative approach, which is an approach in the sense of reviewing legal principles or norms and regulations relating to the issues to be discussed. This approach is intended to collect various regulations, theories and literature that are closely related to the study of the problem in question.




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