Critical Analysis on a Work of Art: Toward Pragmatic Perspective and Supremacy

Patrick Neil M. Santiago


The occurrence of absurdity in art cannot be neglected for there are hidden beauties, purposive and interesting ideas that could be extracted from such kind of absurdity. Some groups are extremely denouncing a work of art. People today begin to confuse that art has become a victim of delusional thought. This paper will investigate the origin of art, its nature, role and purpose and standards of art to affirm the present condition where absurdity occurs. The banishing of art is found unreasonable that exhibits the impossibility of abandonment. The delusional thought of deprived individuals from exercising freedom of artistic impulse is found absurd. The masses then are confined to such dogmatic thoughts that consequently lead individuals to become victims of absurd will. This is the source of severe illness of this present society.




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