Efisiensi Desain Ruang-Dalam pada Bangunan Pasar Vertikal di Kota Bandung

Reza Phalevi Sihombing • Novan Prayoga
Journal article Rekayasa Hijau • 2018 Indonesia

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


The current market development leads much to vertical development. Efficiency and limitations of the land into consideration to build the market vertically. The problem that often happens is the malfunction of the floor (space) on the top floor of the building so quiet there is no activity. Known issues are almost constantly recurring as the market develops vertically. The absence of cultural considerations based on Indonesian society may be one of the failures of vertical market buildings. This research will examine the design of some vertical market in Bandung which is less than maximum in the use of space upstairs. From the results of this research study is expected to provide an overview of why the upper floor space area of the vertical market tends not to be in demand.




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