Evaluasi Performansi dan Tingkat Kelelahan dalam Upaya Optimisasi Capaian Pembelajaran Sistem Praktikum di Perguruan Tinggi X

Asterina Febrianti • Lauditta Irianti • Aldila Hasanah
Journal article Rekayasa Hijau • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


Practicum are observation, experiment, and examination towards the obtained course material. Practicum held as a form of achievement learning process of a course. One course credit (sks) has 170 minutes learning once a week witihin a semester dedicated for practicum activity. Practicum activity consists of 120 minutes actual practice and 50 minutes independent task. In fact, independent task occurs over 50 minutes once a week. Many Students have seen their academics performances decline, along with fatigue because of the practice activity while also attending lectures in classes. These Conditions often affected students mental workload, which is why the aim of this study is to evaluate practicum activity system based on mental workload through measurement of perfomance and fatigue on college X. Measurement performance rate (reaction time) use psychomotor vigilance test (PVT) with parameter mean 1/RT, shortest 10% 1/RT, lapses, and longest 10% 1/RT, with questionnaire visual analog scale (VAS) for fatigue measurement. Each measurement was made after practicum, before assistance report, and before a report presentation. Statistics showed shortest 10% 1/RT significant detecting transformation for third condition, while mean 1/RT, lapses, and longest 10% were not significant. VAS parameter showed not significant result in term of detecting transformation for those 3 condition mentioned berofe. Result showed mental workload through series of practicum activity at Industrial Engineering Major on college X are not significant, which is showed that the current practicum system activity for achievement learning process are optimum.




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