Hybrid Inverter with Wind and Solar Battery Charging

Srashti Layyar • Tushar Saini • Abhishek Verma • Ashwani Kumar

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(English, 3 pages)


This paper presents solar and wind hybrid energy system with battery storage along with AC mains supply. This, configuration allows the three sources to the battery as well as supply the load separately or simultaneously depending on the availability of the energy sources. In many rural area of India, electricity has not reached their home yet as well as many people face load shedding problem. A hybrid design of battery charging system and its implementation has been explained in this paper. Besides AC mains supply charging, solar PV, wind energy also charges the battery whenever it is available through a charge controller. This system ensures continuous power supply and faster charging of battery. The system has been designed to suit a typical Indian scenario where there is power shortage which result in scheduled and unscheduled power shedding. Today, the world is progressing at quite fast rate with the use of the conventional source of energy. The two majors disadvantage of using them are the environmental pollution caused by its use and its limited quantity. On the other hand, the non-conventional source of energy is available in plenty, free of cost and pollution free. So, it's better to switch on to the non-conventional source of energy, these includes solar energy, wind energy, wave energy, biomass etc. This paper deals with the energy conservation technique which is a combination of two non-conventional source of energy i.e., Solar and Wind energy.




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