Factor Analysis and the Social Capital Index: A Study at the Brazil / Bolivia Border

Carlos Alberto Paraguassú-Chaves • Fábio Robson Casara Cavalcante • Fabricio Moraes De Almeida • Leonardo Severo Da Luz Neto • Luan Vasques De Souza 4 more
Journal article International Journal of Advanced Engineering Research and Science • October 2018 Bolivia • Brazil


Objective: The study aimed to build the level of social capital by neighborhoods Guajará-Mirim border region between the State of Rondônia, Brazil and the Republic of Bolivia, which in recent years has been showing signs of social fragility due advance not virtuous practices. Method: This work made use of research in secondary bases as well as in primary bases. The tabulation of qualitative and quantitative data was performed in Excel (2010) and for their processing performance index construction purposes were calculated following the factorial analysis techniques presented by Hair et al. [19] Santana [20, 21]; and Choi [22]. For this, we made use of the statistical tool SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Sciences) for the construction of the indices of social capital. The correlation analysis process was done in Excel. results: It was observed that the capital reached regular levels in Guajará-Mirim neighborhoods not observable, so correlations between the studied parameters, however, it needs to be further studied as factors such as the flooding of the Mamore river may have interfered in any way in the implementation process of the field survey to the residents of the city. It became clear that the municipality of Guajará-Mirim suffers from serious social problems and that most problems are correlated with the increase in alcoholic beverage market in the city and use drugs. However, was not observed as the institutional arrangements are dealing with this problem, that is, as public bodies are relating to discuss actions for concrete solutions to this evil that plagues large portion of the population of Guajará-Mirim, mainly young teenagers residents of Guajá-Mamim. However, we hope to continue this work in order to better understand this mechanism of social network between the actors of this process in the region.




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