Forage Introduction to Support Development of Cattle in Sangkub District

Femi H. Elly • A. H. S. Salendu • Ch L. Kaunang • Indriana Indriana • R. Pomolango 1 more

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Farmers in SangkubDistrict develop cattle as a source of income, so the government seeks to give serious attention to its development.The problem is there are constrains in its development, one of them related to feed.This research has been conducted with the aim to know how far the availability of feed for cattle.The research method used is survey method, with the respondents amounted to 15 farmers determined by purposive sampling ie farmers belonging to the group, the development of science and technology for the region.Data analysis used is descriptive analysis.The results showed the ownership of cattle by each farmer ranged from 2-6 tail with a total of 43 tails.The results showed ownership by each farmers ranged from 2-6 cattle to a total of 43 cattle.Cattle have the potential to be developed in terms of available resources. However, the food consumed is the grass that grows wild and corn waste.This is due to high quality forage, not yet available continuously.Knowledge of farmers about quality feed is still low, so the introduction of feed has been done by the team. Based on results of the research can be concluded that the introduction of cattle feed has been done and responded well by farmers. Suggestions submitted, need to socialize about the development of forage with business orientation and environmentally friendly.




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