Future Turtle Management: Opportunities for Habitat Restoration Governance in East Java, Indonesia

Rudianto Rudianto • Gatut Bintoro
Journal article International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology • September 2018 Indonesia

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(English, 11 pages)


Turtles are species that lived on earth since millions of years ago, and are capable of annual migration, within thousands of kilometres between feeding areas and laying places. The current condition of turtles in Indonesia is threatened with extinction due to the uncontrollable exploitation of turtles and eggs. It is caused by greedy human behaviour. Turtles are protected by the Law of the Republic of Indonesia number 31 of 2004, although sea turtle conservation programme have been encouraged by the recent discovery of important new nestling beaches. The method used for future turtle management opportunities for habitat restoration governance is to use descriptive analysis. The current turtle management analysis was conducted with a literature review of various field and laboratory studies at the representative sites assessed for Indonesia. The results showed that turtle populations experienced a decline caused by turtle slaughter and harvesting of turtle eggs that led to turtle extinction. Therefore, it is necessary to manage the habitat of turtle habitat restoration which not only covers the technical aspect of captive breeding, but also covers the aspect of perfection of laws and regulations, economic and institutional aspects and community participation.




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