Students’ attitudes towards Kurdology Course

Jegr Najeb Abdulrazaq

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(English, 6 pages)


This study examines students' attitudes towards studying kurdology course at university level in Duhok. Attitude is considered as a necessary component in language learning. Therefore, a positive attitude is considered as one of the important factors that have an impact on language learning. By providing insight into the attitudes students towards learning Kurdish, It contributes to the teaching of Kurdish as a foreign language. The main purpose of this research is to reveal students' attitudes towards learning Kurdish and find out how to make their attitudes positive. Language educators who know how to develop positive attitudes in students will be able to conduct interesting and effective classroom activities; get them to be more successful in learning Kurdish. The researcher used a questionnaire to obtain data about the learners' attitudes and analyse them. 112 students from different universities in Duhok participated in this study. The findings shows that there is positive relationship between emotional, behavioural and cognitive attitudes towards learning Kurdish language, however the highest value was for behavioural attitudes.




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