Social Media Abuse that Defends Particular Parties Reviewed from Law of ITE Number 11 in 2008 Concerning Electronic Information and Transaction

Dina Mariana Situmeang • Mantel Siringoringo
Journal article International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences • September 2018 Indonesia


Indonesia is a country that upholds the law based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. It will develop and advance if the community also cooperates with the government in creating a safe and prosperous society, of course by placing legal knowledge on the target. But sometimes many who abuse the law only personal and group interests, so the law seems unfair and impartial. In development, legal science is often aligned with other sciences, including political science, implementation, sometimes it leads to negative things, so that a lot of political cases are eventually dragged down by the law, very sad, but the reality that happened today in this country. This beloved Indonesian Republic. The Problem of the study is: "What social impacts occur if the law is juxtaposed with politics?" The Research method used in this study is the normative legal research method with the legislative approach (sculpture approach) and the case approach (case approach). Based on the results of the study, the authors draw the conclusion that of course with legal harassment for certain purposes it is very unpredictable because it can damage the sense of brotherhood among fellow Indonesians.




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