Tarafah ibn Al-A’bd and his Outstanding Arabic Mua’llagah

Yahya Saleh Hasan Dahami


This paper is an attempt not to claim to be comprehensive in dealing with a poetic piece as one type ofexpressive text in Arabic but a fair endeavor through analytical evaluation of a poem. Thepaper is limited to a few selected verses of Tarafah ibnAl-A'bdMua'llagah. Al-Mua'llagah is a representative of the Arabic language and its magnificence. It is a long piece of poetry cannot be examined and scrutinized in a short paper like this. The study focuses with analysis on the first twenty-five verses Tarafah's Mua'llagah. The study applies an analytical and critical approach, attempting to illustrate the influence of Arabic poetry as a means of the language and its glory. It commences with an introduction presenting the importance of Arabic poetic language then it moves to give a suitable picture of Tarafah ibn Al-A'bd as a man and a poet. The researcher afterward shifts to the main part of the study, attempting to bring a paraphrase to some selected verses of the long poem. The work reaches its end by a recommendatory afterword.




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