Pengaruh Pelvic Rocking Exercise terhadap Nyeri Primary Dysmenorhea pada Siswi Kelas VIII

Novi Nur Ratnasari, Sinar Pertiwi, Ir Ir Khairiyah
Journal article Jurnal Bidan • July 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 8 pages)


Lt;emgt;Young women often experience dysmenorrhea. Non-pharmacological treatment for dysmenorrhea can be done by physical exercise. Pelvic Rocking Exercise is a physical exercise that can be used to reduce dysmenorhea at the time of menstruation by strengthening abdominal muscles and smoothing the blood circulation the exercises performed approximately 30 minutes. This study aimed to determine the effect of pelvic rocking exrcise to primary dysmenorhea pain reduction in Pangandaran junior high school grade 8 (Mts N 1 Pangandaran). This was a Quasi Experimental research (Pre experiments). With one group pretest-posttest design. The population in this study were 163 female students of Pangandaran junior high school grade 8 (Mts N 1 Pangandaran). Sampling technique used purposive sampling and obtained 77 students. The result found that pimarydysmenorhea pain before pelvic rocking exercise in female students mostly with moderate pain category, and after pelvic rocking exercise the pain decreased into mild pain category. Which means that there is influence of pelvic rocking exrcise of primary dysmenorhea pain in student of Pangandaran junior high school grade 8 (Mts N 1 Pangandaran).lt;/emgt;




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