Desain Kekuatan Sambungan Geser Tunggal Menggunakan Paku pada Lima Jenis Kayu Indonesia

Riezky Rakamuliawan Sutanto • Sucahyo Sadiyo • Naresworo Nugroho
Journal article Jurnal Teknik Sipil ITB • 2018 Indonesia

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Standar Nasional Indonesia (SNI) 7973 (2013) is a standard that commonly used in the determination of wood construction in Indonesia. In SNI-7973 there is a theoretical method to determining the design value of wood connection that currently still adopt the values derived from National Design Specification (NDS) (2012). NDS itself is structured based on the properties of softwood that commonly used in America. The values adopted are certainly increase the risk of incompatibility if used directly in Indonesia, this is because Indonesia as a tropical country has wood with wider range of specific gravity and dominated by hardwood with different anatomical structures. This study compares the value of single shear wooden connection design obtained from empirical testing with theoretically generated connection values based on SNI-7973 and Eurocode 5 (EC-5) (2004). The results showed the lowest design value of wood connections obtained on Paraserienthes falcataria wood connection using 10 cm nail by53.66 kgf and the highest value obtained on Shorea laevifolia wood connection using 15 cm nail by 149.89 kgf. The determination of the theoretical design value based on SNI-7973 yielded a lower value of 13.65% while EC-5 yielded a higher value of 8.87% than the value obtained from empirical testing.




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