Professional Orientation: Proposals for a University of the Brazilian Western Amazon

Luiz Carlos Cavalcanti De Albuquerque • Leonardo Severo Da Luz Neto • Hélio Franklin Rodrigues De Almeida • Rafael Dias De Albuquerque • Lenir Lopes Dettoni 1 more

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(English, 19 pages)


This article deals with proposals on professional orientation for a Brazilian Western Amazon university based on a doctoral thesis entitled "Needs of vocational guidance of students at the Federal University of Rondônia." The objectives: (1) to know some characteristics of professional guidance received before your entry into the university and during your stay at the university; (2) identify the professional orientation received by the students of the Federal University of Rondônia; (3) identify the professional orientation needs of the students of the same university and (4) suggest proposals for the attention to the needs detected and adapted the characteristics of the university. In accordance with the investigated problem and the light, particularly, of the conducting objectives of the study, a line of descriptive inquiry was adopted. In addition to being one of the most used in educational research, it presents itself as the most suitable for the objectives that are proposed especially to describe the nature of the existing conditions. The conclusions are structured around three objectives: (1) characterization of the orientation received and required in secondary education, (2) professional orientation received and needed in university education, and (3) discrepancies between orientation received and needs to receive. This study shows that the need for guidance in university education is considered very important by most students. Moreover, it provided a greater theoretical and practical knowledge on the subject of guidance and led to innovative reflections on instigating issues, opens new possibilities for research and interest to continue studying this theme, not only about the objectives proposed in this work, but also the inferences extracted with more general character, which we formulate as proposals to improve the situation analyzed. These are suggestions considered fundamental, that can serve as reference for effective implementation of a program of action with the High School (PROEM); the introduction of new content on the UFRO – Federal University of Rondonia website; a manual for the student and a tutorial plan at the university.




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