Recycling of Red Ceramics Industry in Precast Concrete Production

Rosemberg Mendes Zogahib • Luiz Eduardo Mateus Dos Santos • José Antônio Da Silva Souza

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 9 pages)


During the manufacture of bricks in the ceramic industry, a waste volume with aggregate characteristics is generated. This study intends to verify the feasibility of the use of this material in the confection of the concrete used in the shoe of the vigota to manufacture precast slabs. To prove this feasibility, five concrete traces corresponding to five different percentages of residue addition were defined, molding test bodies and beams and analyzing their physical behavior. The results obtained in the tests demonstrated that the addition resulted in a decrease in concrete strength and increase in volume, which did not affect the structural performance of the beams, satisfying the characteristics required for their use in shoes in the production of precast concrete slabs.




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