Local Power as the Basis of the Understanding of the Federative Pact

Carlos Alberto Paraguassú-Chaves • Marcélio Rodrigues Uchoa • Luciana Fabiano • Lenita Rodrigues Moreira Dantas • Fabrício Moraes De Almeida 5 more

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(English, 13 pages)


The research aimed to describe the existing problems in the relationship between City, State and Federal Government, through the Brazilian Federative Pact, mainly for municipalities with population of less than 50,000 inhabitants. The research is structured from a qualitative perspective. The theoretical framework was built from the local power of the discussion based on the understanding of the federal pact and local interest and the municipality in Brazil. The paper argues that the federal pact is little debated, discussed, much less questioned by society in general, it only strengthens the lack of a legal and institutional framework for coordination and cooperation among federal entities in the country, which results in public policy fragmented the territory and without direction, causing waste of public resources.




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