Factors influencing Agripreneurship and their role in Agripreneurship Performance among young Graduate Agripreneurs

Laud Kpakpo Addo

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(English, 16 pages)


Participation of young people in agriculture is not only needed towards addressing food security and youth unemployment challenges, but also critical in tackling issues of ageing farmers, technological and digital revolution in the agrifood sector, changing trends in food needs and consumption demands, and environmental changes and natural resource degradation. This paper argues for inclusive approach to involving youth in the expansive agrifood system, stressing the importance of young graduates (highly educated youth) participating in the agrifood sector, hence the need for steps to attract, support and retain them in the agrifood sector. Thus, this study sought to identify the factors that influence agripreneurship, and how these factors influence agripreneurship performance of young graduate agripreneurs. The study results and agripreneurship framework, emphasizes the need for a holistic (multilevel) examination and approach to agripreneurship; gender-sensitive, integrated and applied approach towards promoting and developing agripreneurship competencies among young graduates, which must include enhancing both enterprising traits and skills, and strong technical/professional business management competencies.




International Journal of Environment, Agriculture and Biotechnology

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