Factors Influencing Out-of-School Youth in Municipality of Clarin, Bohol

Margie P. Vito • Alfredo E. Niones • Daisy V. Dellosa


Out-of-school youth are susceptible population with numerous needs. Many face dim employment and uncertain futures. The youth in this study were those aged 15-30years' old who were not in school and unemployed, underemployed or lacking basic skills. There were five factors that influenced out-of-school youth in this study namely: unaware of free tuition, financial incapacity of parents, difficulty in passing the entrance exam, don't like to go to school and got married early. Among these factors, it was financial incapacity of parents that influenced most. A total of 1118 out-of-school youth were identified in Clarin, Bohol. The result of Chi-square Test of Independence showed that there was a significant difference on all the factors that influenced out-of-school youth. This was evident with the tabular value 43.473 less than the Chi square computed value 2 532.91. Having these results, indeed there is a need to uplift the financial state of the people by providing livelihood projects and scholarships for those who wanted to pursue their studies.




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