Perception Theory on Reflective Teaching

Sheila Mae M. Niones


Reflective teachers are effective teachers. With this notion, teachers have to practice reflective teaching inside their classes to emphasize that they are effective teachers. Since teachers' practices are not always expected to be reflective, this study discovered the junior high school English teachers' reflective teaching practices. It further investigated their reflective teaching practices through the help of their principals and students; teachers' accounts in their teaching practices were itemized. Using inductive approach on theory generation through quantitative-qualitative research, the findings revealed the English teachers' level of reflection, their teaching practices, and their accounts on their teaching practices. Analysis of the responses also revealed the different themes in the English teachers' reflective teaching practices, thus the emergence of perception theory on reflective teaching. In-service English teachers need to undergo self-reflection to know more of themselves as teachers and to base modifications of classroom procedures. The school administration may conduct in-service training on reflective teaching practices since these in-service English teachers do not have any seminar-workshops on reflective teaching to develop themselves in their reflective teaching practices.




International Journal of English Literature and Social Sciences

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