High Risk of HIV Towards Sexual Transaction, Use of Drugs, and Lingual Symbol of Day-pay Workers

Yessy Markolinda • Sawirman Sawirman
Journal article International Journal of Health Sciences • August 2018

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(English, 10 pages)


The number of people suffering from HIV/AIDS increases from year to year in Padang City. The two main causes are free sex and drug use. One of the most frequent subpopulations of free sex and drug use is a day-pay worker in Teluk Bayur Seaport. They have their own lingual behaviors, patterns, and symbols for the sexual transaction and drug use. These are the aspects discussed in this paper. A qualitative study with a trans-sectional non-experimental design was applied. Data were collected through interviews, existing documents, and social networks. A thematic content analysis is used to analyze. The results proved the opportunity to commit free sex and drug use in Teluk Bayur Seaport is in the waiting period of the ship arrival. The most frequently used locations are on boats, on trucks, and wild lodges around the seaport. Types of drugs with the use of hypodermic needles are thought of to be potentially high in HIV infection. Research has also proven that day-pay workers at Teluk Bayur Seaport use lingual symbols and numeric symbols in sexual transactions and drug use.




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