Obesity: Problem to Consider in Public Health

Thalia Fuentes Leyva • Yostin Raul Menendez Mendoza • Britany Mirella Palma Alcivar • Ariana Milene Arias Caballero
Journal article International Journal of Health Sciences • December 2018

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(English, 10 pages)


Overweight is an increase in body mass; Obesity is the increase in the size or quantity of fat cells sufficient to damage the health of the individual. It is the world millennium pandemic, which affects all types of population, does not discriminate between age, race, sex, social position or religion, according to the World Health Organization is considered obese to people with a higher body mass index or equal to 30 Kg / m2. It has been shown that through good advice can be remedied with this acute physical problem and that often leads to self-esteem and mental problems. The work is supported in the investigation of the phenomenon of obesity, its causes, and consequences for human health in the parish March 12, in the city of Portoviejo in the province of ManabĂ­. The results of a survey carried out on a sample of 97 adults residing in the parish are exposed, showing the high level of obesity that exists in the population, as well as the inadequate eating habits and the sedentary lifestyle that accompanies this problem. Health. It is evident that the fundamental causes of obesity consist of a well-localized group of inadequate food practices and the lack of physical exercise, a situation that can be combated from social work where the factors and the society of the community can be compromised, aimed at reducing obesity levels and increasing the health of the population.




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