Potensi Pemanfaatan Formulasi Pupuk Organik Sumber Daya Lokal untuk Budidaya Kubis (Potential Use Formulation Of Fertilizer Local Natural Resources For Cabbage Plantation)

Agustina Erlinda Marpaung • Bagus Kukuh Udiarto • Liferdi Lukman
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • December 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 10 pages)


Organic fertilization contributes to the protection of the environment and the future of human life. Organic farming also guarantees the sustainability of the agro-ecosystems and the lives of farmers as agricultural factors. Local resources are used in a way that synthetic nutrients, biomass, and energy can be reduced as low as possible and be able to prevent environmental pollution. The aim of the research is to extract local resources of organic fertilizer for the cultivation of vegetable cabbage. The study was conducted in Berastagi Experimental Garden with less altitude of 1,340 m above sea level and type of soil Andisol. The research was conducted from August to November 2015. The design used was a randomized block design, consist of six treatments with five replications. The treatments tested were: (A) LOF (liquid organic fertilizer) kirinyuh, (B) manure rabbit plus (Kotciplus), (C). LOF sunn hemp, (D) LOF kirinyuh + rabbit urine (1: 1 v/v), (E) LOF sunn hemp + rabbit urine (1: 1 v/v) and (F) control (synthetic chemical fertilizers). The results obtained are : Natural Kotciplus fertilizer can stimulate the growth and yield of cabbage were better than synthetic chemical fertilizers. The use of natural Kotciplus fertilizer can increase the high growth 4.42% cabbage, leaf diameter 4.78%, crop diameter 3.26%, the weight of the crop per plant 7.13% and the production per plot 2, 43% compared to the use of chemical synthetic fertilizers. The use of natural fertilizers can suppress the attack of the clubroot disease by 19.06 % to 57.01%, but increased pest attacks 12.12 - 27.5% of controls. The implication is that natural Kotciplus fertilizer is very suitable for cabbage cultivation.




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