Perempuan Menggugat: Telaah Perceraian Wanita Muslimah Berkarir di Kota Medan

Fatimah Zuhrah
Journal article Miqot • 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 16 pages)


Women Prosecute: A Study of Divorce in Careered-Muslim Women in Medan City. The good foundation of a household indirectly affects the rise and fall of a country, and vice versa, the damage to a family's foundation affects the decline and development of a country. In the last decade, the number of divorce petition against husbands has increased, especially from careered-wives. This paper attempts to study the problems using a phenomenological qualitative approach to thoroughly comprehend the factors of divorce of careered-Muslim women in Medan city based on the phenomena, facts and data that researchers encountered in the field. This study finds that to enforce the ideal concept of a family is not an easy task to do at present. The current condition and perception of marital tie within the society is very different from the past. At the early stage of development of human history, marriage were regarded as inherent in religious observance, and thus, people were reluctant to divorce since it was a disgrace and sin.





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