Penggunaan Rain Shelter dan Biopestisida Atecu pada Budidaya Cabai di Luar Musim untuk Mengurangi Kehilangan Hasil dan Serangan OPT

Wiwin Setiawati • Ahsol Hasyim • Abdi Hudayya
Journal article Jurnal Hortikultura • December 2018

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(Bahasa Indonesia, 12 pages)


The use of rain shelter is solution to solve chilli cultivation problems during rainy season which has long period rainy season. Biological control agent (BCA) included biopesticide (Atecu) also plays important role for solving the problems on chilli cultivation. The aim of the research was to obtain chilli cultivation technology in the off season which is effective to reduce yield losses due to incidence of pests and diseases on chilli ≥30%. The research was conducted in Margahayu Station from August 2016 to March 2017. Randomized block design with six treatments and four replications were used in this. The applications of rain shelter at planting time and rainy season (four treatments) and chilli planting at open field (two treatments) were used. The result showed that: (1) plant height and canopy width grown inside rain shelter were significantly longer (14.23 cm and 3.17 cm), had more branches (12.5) than those grown under open field condition, (2) the combination of rain shelter and biopesticide (Atecu) could reduce the risk of pest and disease, mainly in the rainy season with % of efficacy 33,56 – 75,0% and reduced used of pesticide up to 50% compared with conventional technology, and (3) the highest yields was found at Rain Shelter with curved shape applied at rainy season 20.59 ton/ha (26.32%). According to the results, the use of rain shelter can be recommended as one of technology for chilli cultivation during rainy season.




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