Mewartakan Injil - Menahan Roti: sebuah Catatan Kritis Atas Model Pelayanan Yudas

Hendrikus Nayuf


Poverty is often used as an excuse for fighting for justice and solidarity. Poverty becomes a magnet for anyone to raise it as an issue of partiality. Even poverty can be used as a means of struggle to criticize the leaders of the nation and the church. Jude, one of Jesus disciples show this in Jesus anointing narrative in Bethany. Jude fought for justice while at the same time showing his solidarity when criticizing Mary for anointing Jesus by using expensive aromatic oil. At the symbol level, Judas shows a concrete emphaty attitude. He showed partiality and dared to rebuke others so that they were not wasteful while poverty was so rampant. Even though Jude's attitude was counter-productive with narratives about him. But the story becomes an inspiration and source of learning about the interpretation of poverty and also a warning sign for church leaders so that in their works, the must “proclaim the Gospel – share bread” and not “proclaim the Gospel – hold the bread.”




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