Refleksi Konsep Proto Logos Lukas dalam Membangun dan Meningkatkan Kegiatan Publikasi Ilmiah di Lingkungan Sekolah Tinggi Teologi

Harls Evan R. Siahaan


The activity of scientific publication is an academic reflection in the field of higher education. This activity has been increasing significantly in the last two years, especially with the regulations of the ministry of research and higher education which regulated publishing research issues in the online journals. Theological College as a higher education under the Ministry of Religion is not immune to the effects of regulations concerning scientific journals. This article aimed to show a biblical reflection on building and improving scientific publications. By using a descriptive analysis method on the text of Luke 1:1-4, the conclusion obtained is that the writing process of the Gospel of Luke reflected the phases of scientific publication, so that it could become a theological reflection for theological colleges to carry out academic activities in building and improving publication activities through online journals.




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