Menerapkan Prinsip Pelayanan Konseling Berdasarkan Injil Yohanes

Selvianti Selvianti


Counseling is a form of ministry that plays an important role in everyone's life, because everyone is always faced with various problems and in general people often have difficulty dealing with and resolving their problems. Therefore, a competent counselor is needed to provide careful consideration so that it can determine the right decision. The qualification of a counselor greatly influences effective counseling services. The example of a competent counselor can be learned from Jesus Christ because Jesus' loyalty as a counselor causes everyone to always seek and seek advice from Him. The principle of counseling services carried out by Jesus based on the Gospel of John uses very interesting counseling approaches according to the context of the counselee where every problem faced by the counselee can be resolved properly. The main thing that is always made by Jesus in counseling services is solving the problem of sin and sharpening the correct recognition of God because it is the foundation for the counselee in achieving life change. Life change is the main goal in every effective counseling service that is in accordance with Bible principles.




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