Tujuh Kebajikan Utama untuk Membangun Karakter Kristiani Anak

Kalis Stevanus


Character is something that is very important for human progress, both individually and in a nation. This article motivated by the decline of the character of society that appears in the rampant crime, anarchism, vigilante, radicalism, hatred, intolerance, disrespect, terrorism, injustice which is causing violence in various human relationships. Individual and social clashes occurred which are always based on the society background, such as ethnicity, religion and social condition. It cannot be denied if it is said that the root of all this is caused by character problem. Character influences ethical and moral judgment and decision making. By this context, Christian families are called to participate in building the nation through education in family. Christian families become character educators for their children. This article aims to describe seven virtues main, namely compassion, empathy, self-mastery, respect, tolerance, fairness, and patriotism to build child Christian character.




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