Refleksi Teologis Kitab Yeremia Tentang Pesan Sang Nabi Bagi Orang-orang Buangan

Herowati Sitorus


The Book of Jeremiah is very difficult to understand because the events are not in chronological order. Jeremiah understanding by critical studies provides a more complete understanding even though it was written not in chronological order. This study is built on the understanding of the supervisor writing the book that would expose us, the author of the book, the time and place of writing, the outline of the contents of the book. Historical background, social and political book is also very necessary to study to provide a broader picture of the book of Jeremiah. Jeremiah did his job during the reforms of Josiah in 621 BC, (2) reign of Jehoiakim king in 609 BC, (3) the reign of King Jehoiachin in December 598 to March 597 BC, and (4) of Zedekiah in 597-587 BC.




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