Membaca Teks dalam Pandangan Poskolonial: Catatan Kritis Atas Bacaan terhadap Teks Kitab Suci

Ivan Sampe Buntu


Superior and inferior are two confronted words which are in postcolonial to build an awareness of "oppression". Oppression is not only in physical form, but more concerning is oppression in the mind. Postcolonial is a way of thinking to build an awareness of oppression. It did not merely show the residues of the Colonial mind, but at the same time gave a new postcolonial interpretation and tried to form a postcolonial identity. Postcolonial will always come into contact with two things namely text and context. Text and context are two things which always dialogue by interpreters. Thus talking about postcolonial means being unable to escape from context, text, and interpreters. This paper will describe how the text deals with the context and how the interpreter treats the text. Interpreters may be wrong in treating the text (according to their interests), thus making others become subalterns. This means that the process of interpreting is also political action.




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