Teologi Tentang Berpacaran Menurut Amsal 30:18-19

Eliyansen Saragih


Dating is an irresistible phenomenon in today's youth life. Actually, dating is a way that brings youth in two directions, towards a good or bad life. Therefore all parties in the community must be wise to anticipate. Proverbs 30: 18-19 can be a theological basis for the phenomenon of dating. Interestingly, numerical poetry in this text can give direction about relationships between young men and women. In this text, we can see that poems direct all audiences through observing the movements of objects in nature, can observe the essence of the formation of relations between men and women. Practically, this text can be applied to equip young people in anticipating the phenomenon of dating. Every young couple who is committed to dating must be equipped with this theological basis, so that their lives can be constantly built physically, mentally and spiritually. To apply the text of the Proverbs 30: 18-19 is an attempt to answer it.




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