Teologi dan Etika Politik dalam Gereja di Zaman Post-Modern

Alter I. Wowor


Humans are essentially human politics (zoon politikon), so that all the dynamics of human life must always be related to politics, both as a political subject and as an object driven by politics itself. It can be clearly stated that the dynamics of human life in a country must be in circulation of the subject and object at once. Ideally, whether it is entrusted as a political leader or as a society controlled by politics itself, both are political subjects. That is, those who are entrusted with directing and regulating state politics are clearly a subject that always deals with politics in a concrete way, but the general public is also a subject, meaning that all aspects of life and community activities influence the political world both directly and indirectly, or with in other words it can be said that every activity of the community both in the world of education, religion, social, law, etc. is a political responsibility to organize, control, and direct all aspects of life for the common good, so that briefly it can be said that society is the determinant politics itself and as a function of political control, both directly and indirectly.




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