Korupsi sebagai Musuh Bersama: Merekonstruksi Spiritualitas Anti Korupsi dalam Konteks Indonesia

Bestian Simangunsong
Journal article BIA': Jurnal Teologi dan Pendidikan Kristen Kontekstual • December 2018 Indonesia


Indonesian goverment established corruption as an extra ordinary crime. Government produced some policies as a manifestasion to prove that they are serious to overcome the practices of corruption and all of the impact in society. Not only government, church as an institution of religion which rich of moral and ethics views can play their role even to show their responsibilities to construct some formulas to solve some problems related to corruption that occur in the life of nation, society and church. Actually, the synergy between all alements of nation is needed, including the church as an agent of change to raise awareness to understand about corruption and the latent danger of it's impact. Corruption is the common enemy. It's also a social concern in Indonesia. So, church as a symbol of a salt and light of the world, has a calling to play the role reconstructing anti-corruption spirituality based on theological dialog and tradition about distributing parjambaran in the context of Batak society.




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