Increasing Achievement and Motivation of Elementary School Teachers 44 Lubuk Anau in Developing Learning Implementation Plan with Application of Sustainable Guidance

Jon Ahmadi
Journal article Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Scholastic • 2018

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(English, 11 pages)


Basically the task of teachers to educate, teach, train and evaluate students, so that learners can become human beings who can carry out life in harmony with his nature as human beings. related to the task of teachers in evaluating students then teachers should have the skills to teach. It is therefore necessary for the principal's role to motivate teachers to improve their performance and objectives to help teachers clearly see the purpose of education and to achieve the educational goals by fostering and developing better teaching methods and procedures. The purpose of this study is to increase the competence of teachers in order to devote time and energy to streamline learning. Improving ability in solving problems in teaching and learning in preparing RPP at SDN No. 44 Lubuk Anau District Bayang Year 2016. Setting in this research include: place of research, research time, research schedule, and cycles of PTS as follows: Research Action School conducted at SDN No 44 Lubuk Anau District Bayang. The selection of the school aims to improve the competence of teachers in developing the lesson plans (RPP) completely. PTS is held in 2016 for approximately one month. Implemented in July. This research is in the form of School Action Research, which is a collaboration between researcher and teacher, in improving the ability of teachers to be better in preparing the implementation plan of learning. The method used in this research is descriptive method, by using percentage technique to see the improvement that happened from cycle to cycle. "Descriptive method can be interpreted as a problem-solving procedure that is investigated by describing / describing the state of subject / research object (someone, institution, society, etc.) at present based on facts that appear or as it is (Nawawi, 1985: 63 ). With this method the researcher attempts to explain the data that the researcher collects through direct communication or interview, observation / observation, and discussion in the form of percentage or number. Researchers expect in detail indicators of achievement of results lowest 78% of teachers make the eleven components of the Learning Implementation Plan as follows. The subject identity component is expected to achieve 100% achievement. Component standard component is expected 85% achievement. Component of basic competence expected 85% achievement. Components of indicators of achievement of competencies expected 75% achievement. Components of learning objectives are expected to reach 75%. Components of learning materials expected 75% achievement. The time allocation component is expected to reach 75%. The component of learning method is expected to achieve 75% achievement. Components of the steps of learning activities are expected to reach 70% achievement. Components of learning resources are expected 70% achievement. The assessment component (question, scoring guide, answer key) is expected to reach 75%. Based on the results of School Tinadakan Research (PTS) can be summarized as follows: Continuous guidance can improve teacher motivation in preparing RPP completely. Teachers show seriousness in understanding and preparing RPP especially after getting guidance development / preparation RPP from researchers. This information researchers obtained from the results of observations during interviews and guidance development / preparation of RPP to teachers. Ongoing guidance can improve teacher competence in preparing RPP. It can be proved from the observation / observation which shows that there is an increase in teacher competence in preparing the RPP from cycle to cycle. In cycle I the average value of RPP component is 69% and in cycle II 83%. So, there was an increase of 14% from cycle I.      




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